Harrison Ford – Natal Horoscope


Name: Harrison Ford
Birthname: Harrison Ford
Born: 07-13-1942 at 11:41 AM
in: Chicago, Illinois, US, 41n51, 87w39


Natal Report



As a Cancer, the native greatly desires security, especially domestic tranquility. They are most happy at home, among beloved family members and will strive hard to secure those things which bring peace and contentment to family. Frequently, this domestic joy will be extended to work and encompass friends. The Cancer character is marked by being very protective of both one’s self and loved ones. As a rule they are generally introverted among acquaintances but are open and fiercely loyal to close friends and family members. There is a tendency to shy away from crowded places and seek shelter in lonely places.

Sun conjunct Moon confers a zeal for life and a tendency to act on emotional impulse. Natives go ‘all out’ for what they want and engage in single minded pursuits. They have difficulty in understanding their true natures.

Sun sextile Neptune promotes creativity which often manifests itself through art, music, or the written word. Keenly sensitive to the plights of others (including animals), natives may join groups which aid the less fortunate.



With the Moon in Cancer, natives display an intense sensitivity to the emotions, feelings, and actions of other people. This may cause them to be both introspective and introverted and they may frequently experience pain from the actions of others when none was actually intended. Also, emotional health is directly related to domestic security; thus, they will display much effort to bring peace to disorganized homes and marriages. Natives must guard against becoming the “floormat” upon which friends and relatives lay all their problems and expect them to solve.

Moon conjunct Sun confers a union of emotions and will. Thus natives actions are strongly motivated by feelings and they vacillate between passiveness and aggressiveness in their relationships. Being fun loving, they are ‘up’ a lot.

Moon sextile Neptune confers a love of music and the ability to be a good musician. Natives must combat a tendency to exaggerate. Natives have strong psychic abilities and are very sensitive to the emotions of others.



Mercury in Cancer denotes a remarkable ability to remember the events and ideas which impinge upon the native. Absorbing information without great mental effort is easy and this person is greatly influenced by the thoughts of others, making it hard sometimes to form a opinion unique to one’s self. Frequently, the native can gauge the mental state of others and is very sympathetic to their problems and troubles. There is a great deal of concern and thinking about family life and those who are close to the native, leading to deep thought which may make the native appear to be ‘spacey’.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter natives are philosophical, often contemplating the nature of life and society. Well educated and eloquent speakers, they make excellent teachers, lawyers, and politicians. They have intellectual integrity.

Mercury square Neptune natives tend to day dream too much and be unable to concentrate. They tend to be impractical idealists and have secretive natures. If they focus their energy constructively, their keen insights take them far.



Venus in Gemini marks those who think “variety is the spice of life”. Usually, it’s difficult for natives to settle down in one romantic relationship as their interest in others generally flits about between several loved ones. These people may show a surprising lack of discrimination in the people whom they consider special in their life. Also, natives’ charm and wit tends to attract large circles of friends whom they feel comfortable with. As a rule, those they call friends and lovers have keen and grasping intellects through which they express affections.

Venus sextile Mars natives are very adept socially and have affectionate dispositions. The aspect confers great harmony between the sexes. Besides love, natives attract financial gains (sometimes through business enterprises).



With Libra on the Ascendent, natives appear unassuming and shy around others. However, they strongly desire companionship and tend to get along very well with compatriots. These people like to please friends and many times will do things which, in their minds, is most fair and equitable since strife of any kind usually upsets natives a great deal. Their deep feelings about loved ones extend to work and career as well. Thus, they are most happy when they feel their work is benefiting both society as well as themselves. Also, natives express strong feeling about family but tend to think with their practically where romantic relationships are involved.



Lack of planets in Fire signs marks patient natives who may have a passive outlook on life, allowing others to take charge and lead the way.

The lack of Earth elements in the natal chart, though, indicates natives who may have difficulty in managing the many details of life because they focus on the ‘bigger picture’.

A balance of planets in Air elements indicates a rational mind with a need for intellectual stimulation.

Furthermore, a large number of Air elements gives strong emotional drives and deep feelings for all things which impinge upon the native.

With many planets in Cardinal modalities, a person is capable of acting alone, and usually has a good grasp on the world and its realities.

Continuing, a person with few Fixed modalities seldom ‘stays put’ or fixes attentions or affections on any one thing. This native can do many things at once.


Basic analysis

Open personality, reacts quickly to external stimuli. Strives to achieve harmonious, peaceful, balanced, long lasting human relationships. It is vital to him to live in harmony. His mood is immediately destroyed if there is arguing in his presence. A natural mediator. Enjoys organizing and planning events. Favors interior decorating, shopping, fashion design. Extremely partner oriented, cannot exist without a companion. If she doesn’t have a partner, he will look for one. Unfortunately, seldom finds true partner(s), and thus finds disappointment all too often throughout life. Oversensitive, yet cold, sober. In relationships he is looking for intellectual qualities. Bohemian, kind.

Due to the position of the Sun, (however) more intuitive, increasingly sensitive, more family oriented.

a) Play an important role in his life:

  • foreign countries, law

b) Connections:

  • Parent negatively related to abroad or legal matter.
  • Child, love negatively related to real-estate.
  • Child, love negatively related to abroad or legal matter.
  • Spouse or business partner negatively related to education.
  • Spouse or business partner negatively related to accidents, surgery, death, or separation/divorce.
  • Spouse or business partner negatively related to desires.
  • Brother-in-law or sister-in-law positively related to finances.
  • Brother-in-law or sister-in-law negatively related to real-estate.

c) No possibility of sexual perversion
d) Possibility of correction facility or mental institute

Propensity to illness or accidents

a) Distension. Bowel problems related to narcotics. Glandular deterioration.
b) General insecurity. Confusion. Nerve problems. Susceptibility to poisoning.

c) No possibility of disability
d) No possibility of varicose veins
e) No possibility of severe work-related accident, as well as spasmodic pain

Data pertaining to spouse/partner

a) No possibility of marriage (cohabitation) (67%).

b) The partner(s) probable Sun or Asc. sign(s):

  • primary: Aries, or Libra
  • secondary: Leo

c) Quality of relationship(s):

  • Partner’s age or life style is significantly different.
  • Rash marriage or cohabitation. Partner is stubborn, domineering, aggressive, thus open arguments, fights, and even atrocities are common.

Financial situation

a) By age groups:

  • up to age 5: good.
  • ages 6-14: good.
  • ages 12-30: good.
  • ages 16-40: good.
  • ages 30-50: good.
  • ages 40-70: good.
  • 60 and over: good.

b) Pertaining to life as a whole: good.


Harrison Ford – Natal Horoscope

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