Hugh Grant – Natal Horoscope


Name: Hugh Grant
Birthname: Hugh John Mungo Grant
Born: 09-09-1960 at ? (time of birth unknown)
in: London, England, 51n30, 0w10


Natal Report



The native is a very methodical and practical person, who pays meticulous attention to every detail in life. Like other Virgoans, when natives do a job they do it very well and take great pride in their accomplishments, doing their utmost to rely on themselves before seeking help from others. “Perfection” is important to the Virgoan, thus, natives are very cautious in entering any type of relationship. They may very well search long and hard for a mate (business or romantic) who satisfies their discriminating tastes. After finding this mate, the Virgoan may go overboard with affections.

Sun square Mars instills a brashness and recklessness into natives which goads them into doing anything that gives them pleasure. Passion is not checked by reason. Occasionally cruel and violent, they should not own hand guns.

Sun trine Saturn natives are achievement oriented and are apt to excel in scholastics and work. They are honest, well organized people, who tend toward a conservative disposition.



Natives respond to people and events around them in a stoical manner. As a rule, they are not given to frequent emotional outbursts or “flare-ups” but rather approach things with a calm, quiet and steady disposition. Sometimes though, natives stoicism may be misinterpreted as a lack of caring.

The Moon in Taurus indicates an unwillingness to embark on ventures alone; natives require the stimulation of others to get moving. Once they do, though, the plodding and steadfastness of their disposition is readily apparent.

Moon trine Saturn confers a strong sense of responsibility and pragmatism. Natives are cautious and have a willingness to work very hard. They tend to a little introverted and make good, nurturing parents.

Moon opposite Neptune natives tend to be insecure and impressionable. They follow others and must take great care in determining who they follow. They tend to let emotions govern their actions.

Moon trine Pluto are remarkably intense, self controlled people who possess the fortitude to be undaunted by setbacks. They are practical and realistic in their goals and nearly always achieve success in their chosen realm.



With Mercury in its ruling sign, Virgo, natives display a tendency to study everything which they encounter in great detail. They may very well think something “to death” in attempting to understand all the intricacies and aspects involved, sometimes “missing the boat” when a decision has to be made. These people’s desire for exactness and minute investigation is of practical importance since they usually want to utilize their intellectual abilities for financial success. Thus, they may refine and revise a project or idea until it is, in their mind, “perfected”.

Mercury square Mars confers great mental energy but not the wisdom to properly channel it. They tend to be sarcastic and domineering. If they can learn to exercise good judgement and to have patience, they will go far.

Mercury square Jupiter natives are good natured but tend to be foolhardy and procrastinate. Sometimes they speak foolishly when they should listen. If they learn pragmatism, they can channel themselves into constructive pursuits.



Natives’ relationships with other people are of paramount importance to them. They usually enjoy a number of close, personal friendships and gain a measure of status and security more through relationships than through material possessions. “Who you know” is very important to natives of this sign. With this sign, Venus in Libra, there is a sense of aesthetic pleasure in the things natives do. Striving for beauty and a sense of decorum in their personal surroundings is common to them, in both their physical and emotional life, and natives will generally try to extend this to those whom they love.

Venus square Saturn natives may get caught up in a downward spiral of disillusionment through failed love which robs them of their loving nature and supplant it with greed and power hunger. They may become dour and pessimistic.



With Libra on the Ascendent, natives appear unassuming and shy around others. However, they strongly desire companionship and tend to get along very well with compatriots. These people like to please friends and many times will do things which, in their minds, is most fair and equitable since strife of any kind usually upsets natives a great deal. Their deep feelings about loved ones extend to work and career as well. Thus, they are most happy when they feel their work is benefiting both society as well as themselves. Also, natives express strong feeling about family but tend to think with their practically where romantic relationships are involved.

With Neptune in the First House, natives take a while to develop their own clear self-image. When they do, though, their idealistic tendencies make them strong and selfless around loved ones.



Lack of planets in Fire signs marks patient natives who may have a passive outlook on life, allowing others to take charge and lead the way.

A preponderance of planets in Earth elements, though, bestows considerable common sense and practicality, occasionally to the point of stifling originality.

A balance of planets in Air elements indicates a rational mind with a need for intellectual stimulation.

Furthermore, the lack of planets in Water elements gives the native an air of stoicism and an inability to express emotions which are buried beneath the surface.

Lastly, with a concentration of Mutable signs, the native may be disposed to going out of the way to accomodate others. Without a doubt, compromise is paramount to this person.


Basic analysis

Reserved personality. Reacts slowly to external stimuli, for he thinks through everything. Thoroughly analytical, over-scrupulous, and highly critical, for which he is deemed a hair-splitter, stickler. However, he is a strict critic of him as well. Only accepts what he thoroughly understands. “Just because” does not constitute an acceptable answer. Pedant. “The ashtray doesn’t belong there, but it’s best not to be used for ashes, anyway.” Health conscious, tends to be a hypochondriac. Hesitant in many cases, but can be very decisive at times. Argumentative, cannot enjoy life… He looks at everything through a mental filter, cannot ease up.

Due to the position of the Sun, (however) more practical, more detail oriented, rather critical.

a) Dominant over the following persons:

  • parents
  • father-in-law or mother-in-law

b) Play an important role in his life:

  • important life events

c) Connections:

  • Child, love negatively related to work or illness.
  • Spouse or business partner negatively related to education.
  • Spouse or business partner positively related to real-estate.
  • Brother-in-law or sister-in-law positively related to finances.
  • Brother-in-law or sister-in-law positively related to desires.
  • Friends positively related to abroad or legal matter.

d) Gambling not advised.
e) Possibility of sexual perversion
f) No possibility of correction facility or mental institute

Propensity to illness or accidents

a) Valvular dysfunctions. Heart attack. Cardiac arrest.
b) Nervousness, neuralgia. Predisposition to pneumonia.
c) Liver and bilious complaints. Inflammations, abscess.

d) No possibility of disability
e) No possibility of nerve related or mental illness
f) No possibility of varicose veins
g) No possibility of severe high or low blood pressure
h) No possibility of severe illnesses related to the skeletal system, internal bleeding, as well as skin problems

Data pertaining to spouse/partner

a) Possibility of two marriages (cohabitation) (67%).

b) The partner(s) probable Sun or Asc. sign(s):

  • primary: Virgo, or Pisces
  • secondary: Aries, or Scorpio, or Sagittarius

c) Quality of relationship(s):

  • Partner’s age or life style is significantly different.
  • Relationship early in life, possibly too early and in haste.
  • Partner kind, good hearted, domestic with frequent mood changes, restlessness, possibly with migrations. Protective in relationships.
  • Solid finances and social advances achieved through not too happy relationship.
  • Partner is kind, fortunate, generous, not naive, possessing good legal sense.
  • Romantic or tragic elements in the relationship. One of the partners is ill-suited for marriage. Partner overly impulsive, cannot handle conventions. Partners grow cold, or divorce suddenly, early in the relationship. Eccentric relationship, which may be started over multiple times. Possibility of partner’s early death.
  • Partner physically or morally stressed, neurotic, or substance dependent (i.e, alcohol).
  • Unexpected, mysterious experiences in relationship. Infidelity possible.
  • Partners grow cold or divorce/separation early in the marriage/relationship. Long period of single hood. Possibility of platonic or homosexual love affair, or relationship with an incompatible person, which gains disapproval in society.
  • Relationships begin and end suddenly. Severe insults occur easily with partner.
  • Extreme, fire-ice relationship. Possibility of breakup due to unforgotten past insult(s). Fatal attraction or repulsion. Partner forceful, aggressive, though, intuitive.

d) The following event(s) will cause friction in relationship(s):

  • important life events, vocation/success, immediate family, education, foreign countries, law, desire, friend(s)

Financial situation

a) By age groups:

  • up to age 5: average.
  • ages 6-14: average.
  • ages 12-30: good.
  • ages 16-40: average.
  • ages 30-50: average.
  • ages 40-70: average.
  • 60 and over: bad.

b) Pertaining to life as a whole: average.


Hugh Grant – Natal Horoscope

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