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membership-join-us-or-renew-your-membershipMembership Features

Membership Duration: 30 days
Automatic Recurring Payments: No. You pay manually.
Membership Payment Renewal: Month-by-Month.
Payment Method: Bitcoin.


Members Only – 80% OFF

If you want to use our Horoscope Services you must create a White Label Horoscope Club Membership account. As a member ($5.00 /month), you can order an unlimited number of horoscopes for the price of only $1,80 /Natal ($1.00 /Forecast) per horoscope.


As long as your White Label Horoscope Club Membership account is active, you’ll have unlimited access to the exclusive membership pricing of:

  • 80% OFF / Horoscope (Coupon Codes)

You may cancel your membership at any time.

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