Sandra Bullock – Natal Horoscope


Name: Sandra Bullock
Birthname: Sandra Annette Bullock
Born: 07-26-1960 at 03:15 AM
in: Arlington (Arlington County), Virginia, US, 38n53, 77w07


Natal Report



The Sun in Leo marks one who has a strong will and great ambition. These people usually enjoy being the center of attention and desire others to think well of them. Their creative accomplishments generally put them in the spotlight, usually outshining coworkers who may become jealous of their proud attitude. Like other Leonians, they are more concerned with the “big picture” than with the numerous small details in life. As such, they tend to enjoy being in authority and using whatever means are available to achieve their desires. Tact should be developed when dealing with those the Leonian finds “inferior”.



“Freedom” is a keyword to describe natives’ disposition, freedom in what they both do and say. These persons never hesitate to say what they think, particularly if it’s something which they feel strongly about. They frequently cast tact and conventionality to the wind when making an important point. Like others with the Moon in Aquarius, natives are naturally friendly and open to their fellow man. Love of liberty makes them sympathetic to others, particularly since natives hope to release them from the strictures of ordinary life which they see society placing on all people.

Moon opposite Mercury natives lack common sense. As a result, they gossip about trivial matters and sometimes speak rashly. High strung, they are overly sensitive to criticism. Other aspects may modify these tendencies.

Moon trine Venus confers harmonious and loving personality. If other aspects corroborate this, natives possess exceptional artistic talent and should pursue careers along those lines. They are sympathetic people who make giving friends.

Moon trine Mars natives are optimistic, ‘up’ people who don’t give up when the going gets tough. They channel their strong emotions into constructive enterprises and live exciting lives. They have good relations with women.

Moon square Jupiter natives can be selfish, lazy, self indulgent people who are apt to indulge in food and television. They are friendly, however, and suffer from a conflict between false pride and their true feelings.



With Mercury in Leo, natives display a great ability to focus their concentration and articulate thoughts. These people display a dramatic flair when speaking and they like to command the attention of all around them, occasionally being loud or verbose. As a rule, natives’ dynamic intellect makes them a good salesman, and they enjoy proving their point and selling their ideas to others, though they sometimes get carried away and drive the point into the ground. Usually, natives show a great deal of self-confidence when it comes to tackling problems.

Mercury opposite Moon natives tend to feel unloved and indulge themselves as a substitute. They tend to have few close relationships with others. With self-love, confidence, and love for others, natives can overcome this affliction.

Mercury sextile Venus bestows a harmony between the mind and feelings, instilling literary, artistic and musical talent into natives. They are likely to sing well and may compose music.

Mercury sextile Mars natives are very energetic and hate to waste time. They have logical minds and are excellent strategists. They enjoy debate and speak their mind bluntly yet fluently.

Mercury square Jupiter natives are good natured but tend to be foolhardy and procrastinate. Sometimes they speak foolishly when they should listen. If they learn pragmatism, they can channel themselves into constructive pursuits.

Mercury opposite Saturn confers a suspicious nature and natives must combat a predilection for being unloving. They tend to pursue higher education but may encounter obstacles. If persistent, they will eventually achieve their goals.



Venus in Gemini marks those who think “variety is the spice of life”. Usually, it’s difficult for natives to settle down in one romantic relationship as their interest in others generally flits about between several loved ones. These people may show a surprising lack of discrimination in the people whom they consider special in their life. Also, natives’ charm and wit tends to attract large circles of friends whom they feel comfortable with. As a rule, those they call friends and lovers have keen and grasping intellects through which they express affections.

Venus trine Moon natives love of harmony and beauty manifests itself in artistic ability and often confers a pleasing voice. Natives are gentle, sympathetic, and affectionate to others.

Venus sextile Mercury natives are calm, diplomatic and friendly. Although they are good communicators, they are apt to be superficial unless the rest of the chart contradicts this.

Venus conjunct Mars confers great personal magnetism and sex appeal. Natives are extremely passionate and romantic, resulting in conflicts between lust and love. This passion tends to pervade every aspect of natives lives.



With Cancer rising, the natives’ personality is marked by strong emotionalism. These people tend to react to events and people more through feelings than through rational thought. Also, they are very sensitive to friends and lovers and will do much to show concern for and protect their feelings, sometimes being overprotective of loved ones. Home and family are extremely important to natives. Like the Crab, when trouble comes they tend to scurry to a secure place. When they feel free from danger, though, these people do well, throwing themselves into work or problems with great determination, for success is important to them. However, natives must not consider success just as being on the material level.



Lack of planets in Fire signs marks patient natives who may have a passive outlook on life, allowing others to take charge and lead the way.

A balancing of the Earth elements in the natal chart gives practicality and common sense to all endeavors undertaken.

A balance of planets in Air elements indicates a rational mind with a need for intellectual stimulation.

Furthermore, an average number of planets in Water elements indicates a person with considerable ability to express sympathy and emotion to others.

Lack of planets in Cardinal modalities indicates a native who may be timid in acting and carrying out plans. One tends not to be a ‘take charge’ person.

Continuing, a preponderance of Fixed modalities makes the native persistent in carrying out plans and projects, though stubborness may surface if not suppressed.

Lastly, with a concentration of Mutable signs, the native may be disposed to going out of the way to accomodate others. Without a doubt, compromise is paramount to this person.


Basic analysis

Open personality. Reacts quickly to external stimuli. Capable of doing multiple tasks at once. Curious, nothing escapes her attention. Knows everything there is to know about everything, but the level of knowledge is shallow, oftentimes superficial. However, she is content with this level of information. Chatty, but a good communicator. A gifted sales person, she can sell sand in the desert. Not loyal, due to her inability to concentrate on one thing at a time. Whatever she is doing at the time is what’s most important, but in the next minute she might move onto something new, and will become her focus and forget about what he deemed so important beforehand. Doesn’t become attached, she enjoys herself with everyone, anywhere. Always two of everything…

Due to the position of the Sun, (however) rather optimist, more generous, more practical.

a) Dominant over the following persons:

  • co-workers, subordinates, father-in-law or mother-in-law, sibling of parent
  • friends

b) Play an important role in her life:

  • immediate family, education

c) Connections:

  • Parent negatively related to abroad or legal matter.
  • Spouse or business partner positively related to profession.
  • Brother-in-law or sister-in-law positively related to finances.
  • Brother-in-law or sister-in-law negatively related to real-estate.
  • Brother-in-law or sister-in-law negatively related to accidents, surgery, death, or separation/divorce.
  • Brother-in-law or sister-in-law negatively related to profession.
  • Parent negatively related to abroad or legal matter.

d) No possibility of sexual perversion.
e) No possibility of correction facility or mental institute

Propensity to illness or accidents

a) Chronic pain in the knee and ankle. Chronic emotional and nerve complaints.
b) No possibility of disability

Data pertaining to spouse/partner

a) No possibility of marriage (cohabitation) (67%).

b) The partner(s) probable Sun or Asc. sign(s):

  • primary: Gemini, or Sagittarius
  • secondary: Taurus, or Libra

c) Quality of relationship(s):

  • No significant difference in partner’s age or life style.
  • Relationship early in life, possibly too early and in haste.
  • Partner kind, good hearted, domestic with frequent mood changes, restlessness, possibly with migrations. Protective in relationships.
  • Solid finances and social advances achieved through not too happy relationship.
  • Partner is kind, fortunate, generous, not naive, possessing good legal sense.

d) The following event(s) will cause friction in relationship(s):

  • finances, foreign countries, law

Financial situation

a) By age groups:

  • up to age 5: good.
  • ages 6-14: bad.
  • ages 12-30: good.
  • ages 16-40: good.
  • ages 30-50: good.
  • ages 40-70: good.
  • 60 and over: good.

b) Pertaining to life as a whole: good.


Sandra Bullock – Natal Horoscope

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