Sean Connery – Natal Horoscope


Name: Sean Connery
Birthname: Thomas Sean Connery
Born: 8-25-1930 at 6:05 PM
in: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, 55N57, 3W13


Natal Report



The native is a very methodical and practical person, who pays meticulous attention to every detail in life. Like other Virgoans, when natives do a job they do it very well and take great pride in their accomplishments, doing their utmost to rely on themselves before seeking help from others. “Perfection” is important to the Virgoan, thus, natives are very cautious in entering any type of relationship. They may very well search long and hard for a mate (business or romantic) who satisfies their discriminating tastes. After finding this mate, the Virgoan may go overboard with affections.

Sun sextile Mars are energetic, vital people. Natives are charming to people of the opposite sex. They are constructive people whose natural leadership abilities make them successful.

Sun trine Saturn natives are achievement oriented and are apt to excel in scholastics and work. They are honest, well organized people, who tend toward a conservative disposition.

Sun conjunct Neptune natives are psychically sensitive, emotional, sentimental, poorly understood people who are driven by romantic ideals. They are dreamers who will either become a Don Quixote, or with wisdom, a messiah.



Natives tend to respond to people and events around them in a shy, reserved manner. Generally, they like to “hide behind the scenes” when doing work, preferring to stay incognito, managing every detail and making sure all aspects of a project or relationship are “perfect”. Like others with the Moon in Virgo, these natives pay close attention to detail, both in other people’s thoughts and actions. Their response to others is frequently ruled by the appearance of health and neatness they see in others, which natives value in themselves, sometimes to the extreme.

Moon conjunct Mercury instills an inner harmony in the native which gives them an adaptability to change and ability to switch roles. They are alert with a sharp wit and tend to be talkative.

Moon square Mars natives tend to be selfish and emotionally volatile persons who (especially if they are men) get along poorly with women. They are very self-willed and resent even constructive criticisms. They may abuse alcohol.



With Mercury in its ruling sign, Virgo, natives display a tendency to study everything which they encounter in great detail. They may very well think something “to death” in attempting to understand all the intricacies and aspects involved, sometimes “missing the boat” when a decision has to be made. These people’s desire for exactness and minute investigation is of practical importance since they usually want to utilize their intellectual abilities for financial success. Thus, they may refine and revise a project or idea until it is, in their mind, “perfected”.

Mercury conjunct Moon natives have a peaceful harmony between their conscious and subconscious, giving them unusual insight into themselves and others. They are witty and have literary promise.

Mercury square Mars confers great mental energy but not the wisdom to properly channel it. They tend to be sarcastic and domineering. If they can learn to exercise good judgement and to have patience, they will go far.

Mercury square Saturn natives must combat a tendency to blindly follow conventional modes of thought and be narrow minded. This may inhibit creativity and result in pessimism. Smoking is particularly dangerous for these people.



Natives’ relationships with other people are of paramount importance to them. They usually enjoy a number of close, personal friendships and gain a measure of status and security more through relationships than through material possessions. “Who you know” is very important to natives of this sign. With this sign, Venus in Libra, there is a sense of aesthetic pleasure in the things natives do. Striving for beauty and a sense of decorum in their personal surroundings is common to them, in both their physical and emotional life, and natives will generally try to extend this to those whom they love.

Venus square Jupiter natives tend to be extravagant and self indulgent. They must fight a penchant for shallowness and laziness. They may indulge in food, television, or alcohol.

Venus opposite Uranus natives tend to be unstable and may experience sudden breakups in romance and probably divorce. They may have erotic desires and thrive on personal freedom. They tend to be extravagant.

Venus square Pluto natives are magnetic and often overwhelmed by their sexual passions, making for intense (and sometimes secrete) relationships. Sex may be tied into desire for wealth. Natives may channel this passion into art.



The Gemini rising personality is naturally outgoing and makes friends easily, regardless of status. Natives have a natural talent for gaining the help of others in projects, although they may tend to “drop out” at the first sign of trouble. Also, they like to do things which meet others approval and must learn that being original and avant-garde is not such a bad thing. As a rule, these people are “idea people”, constantly flitting about from one thing to another. Unconsciously, there is a nervousness about them which is especially prevalent concerning financial and material matters. Also, personal relationships may suffer since “settling down” is not typical of them. Natives must learn to be patient with other people.

With Mars in the First House, natives are full of energy and like throwing themselves into a task, even if it seems impossible. Also, they are usually courageous and self-confident in their acts, sometimes heedless of danger.



Lack of planets in Fire signs marks patient natives who may have a passive outlook on life, allowing others to take charge and lead the way.

A preponderance of planets in Earth elements, though, bestows considerable common sense and practicality, occasionally to the point of stifling originality.

A balance of planets in Air elements indicates a rational mind with a need for intellectual stimulation.

Furthermore, the lack of planets in Water elements gives the native an air of stoicism and an inability to express emotions which are buried beneath the surface.

With many planets in Cardinal modalities, a person is capable of acting alone, and usually has a good grasp on the world and its realities.

Continuing, a person with few Fixed modalities seldom ‘stays put’ or fixes attentions or affections on any one thing. This native can do many things at once.

Lastly, with a concentration of Mutable signs, the native may be disposed to going out of the way to accomodate others. Without a doubt, compromise is paramount to this person.


Basic analysis

Reserved, rational personality. Reacts slowly to external stimuli, ponders, thoroughly thinks through everything. Does not speak often, but when he does, it carries weight. He succumbs to the obvious. His life is deliberate. Ambitious, professional. Career comes first, job second, then everything else. He will sacrifice family, love, for his profession. Starts at the bottom, and climbs to the top. When he fails, starts over and over again. Incapable of expressing emotion, warmth, which is greatly missed by his loved ones. Never admits his inability to express love. Raises his child to be a perfectionist. Afraid of disappointment. Never drinks, does not like entertainment, precise, reliable, inhibited.

Due to the position of the Sun, (however) more practical, more detail oriented, rather critical.

a) Play an important role in his life:

  • important life events

b) Connections:

  • Parent positively related to abroad or legal matter.
  • Child, love positively related to work or illness.
  • Child, love positively related to accidents, surgery, death, or separation/divorce.
  • Spouse or business partner positively related to finances.
  • Spouse or business partner positively related to accidents, surgery, death, or separation/divorce.
  • Spouse or business partner negatively related to profession.
  • Spouse or business partner positively related to desires.
  • Brother-in-law or sister-in-law positively related to real-estate.

c) No possibility of sexual perversion
d) No possibility of correction facility or mental institute

Propensity to illness or accidents

a) Distension. Bowel problems related to narcotics. Glandular deterioration.
b) Nervousness, neuralgia. Predisposition to pneumonia.

c) No possibility of disability
d) No possibility of severe illnesses related to the skeletal system, internal bleeding, as well as skin problems

Data pertaining to spouse/partner

a) Possibility of two marriages (cohabitation) (90%).

b) The partner(s) probable Sun or Asc. sign(s):

  • primary: Cancer, or Capricorn
  • secondary: Gemini, or Virgo

c) Quality of relationship(s):

  • No significant difference in partner’s age or life style.
  • Better than average relationship.

d) The following event(s) will cause friction in relationship(s):

  • love, child, work, illness, immediate family,
  • education, vocation/success, real-estate, foreign countries, law

Financial situation

a) By age groups:

  • up to age 5: good.
  • ages 6-14: good.
  • ages 12-30: good.
  • ages 16-40: good.
  • ages 30-50: very good.
  • ages 40-70: good.
  • 60 and over: good.

b) Pertaining to life as a whole: good.


Sean Connery – Natal Horoscope

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