Sharon Stone – Natal Horoscope


Name: Sharon Stone
Birthname: Sharon Vonne Stone
Born: 03-10-1958 at 04:52 PM
in: Meadville Junction, Pennsylvania, US, 41n38, 80w21


Natal Report



As a Piscean, the native is extremely sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others. Lack of strong willpower is made up by their sympathy for those they come in contact with, especially the poor, weak, or downcast. Generosity is occasionally bountiful, but usually to those who are “worthy” of natives. As a rule, the Piscean is good- natured and benevolent but is frequently shy and reserved around others. “Moderation” is a keyword for the Piscean as the duality of this sign keeps them on an even keel, content in the background, frequently keeping them from speaking up and taking a stand on an issue.

Sun conjunct Mercury links the mind and ego, conferring egocentric tendencies on natives. They tend to be quick witted and get things done with sheer willpower. They have difficulty in being objective.

Sun sextile Mars are energetic, vital people. Natives are charming to people of the opposite sex. They are constructive people whose natural leadership abilities make them successful.

Sun square Saturn inspires selfishness and egocentricity. Unless other signs in the chart are favorable, this results in frustration, pessimism, and ill-health. If they endure this and learn to love, they will truly be resurrected.



The emotional nature of one born with the Moon in Sagittarius is noted for its high-mindedness and idealism. As such, the native can easily be attracted to lofty goals. This includes attachments of a religious or philosophical nature, occasionally going as far as attachments to fanatics or cults. Conversely, the native’s usually optimistic and friendly nature helps attract others through its natural persuasiveness. Once beliefs are set, the native’s talent for eliciting people’s aid to causes becomes readily apparent. The native must be judicious in selecting the proper “cause” to support.

Moon trine Mercury natives have alert minds and think fast on their feet. They possess good common sense and are very adept at communicating with others. Good conversationalists, they excel in debate.

Moon sextile Mars natives are courageous and energetic. They are likely to start their own business ventures and are real ‘go getters’. These vital people have good relationships with women.

Moon square Pluto natives are intense, emotional people who rarely listen to the advice of others. They can be impatient and hate to get bogged down in trivialities. They’re very independent and can be overbearing in relationships.



Born with Mercury in Pisces, natives have a very imaginative mind which is impressionable to the thoughts and actions of others. Thus, they may suffer emotionally from any intended or unintended slights from people and need to learn that peoples’ words shouldn’t be taken at face value. There is a danger that natives may “follow the crowd” in the way they speak and act, wearing the latest fashions, for instance, to fit “in”. They must not be afraid to make up their own mind! In general, though, their sensitive thoughts and actions make them welcome among friends and family.

Mercury conjunct Sun confers a sharp wit, mental energy, and a fluency in speech and writing. However, if .5 < orb < 4 degrees, this fluency is dulled. If the orb is less than half a degree, then the native is highly intelligent.

Mercury trine Moon confers excellent memories and common sense, giving natives great stores of wisdom. They tend to be perceptive and clever in their affairs and speech, and thrive in businesses predicated on communication.

Mercury sextile Mars natives are very energetic and hate to waste time. They have logical minds and are excellent strategists. They enjoy debate and speak their mind bluntly yet fluently.

Mercury square Saturn natives must combat a tendency to blindly follow conventional modes of thought and be narrow minded. This may inhibit creativity and result in pessimism. Smoking is particularly dangerous for these people.



With Venus in Aquarius, natives display friendliness to all they meet; however, this may be as far as their emotional attachment goes to most people. There is usually an openness and impulsiveness to their romantic relationships, and generally little thought is given to the practical matters of maintaining a long-term relationship. As a rule, natives find standard moral strictures confining and seek their own standards of conduct in personal relationships. Thus, their love principles are an extension of the freedom they feel is necessary for good living.

Venus opposite Uranus natives tend to be unstable and may experience sudden breakups in romance and probably divorce. They may have erotic desires and thrive on personal freedom. They tend to be extravagant.

Venus square Neptune natives often misplace their affections, resulting in heartache. They tend to fantasize a great deal, especially about sex, and in extreme cases they may engage in craven acts. Some may rise above all this.



With Virgo on the Ascendent, natives are sensitive to others and willing to serve others, not so much to make themselves feel good but because they think that helping others is a true sign of justice. There is an independence about them readily apparent, and natives would rather do things themselves than go for help, because they trust themselves more than anyone else. With the Virgin as the symbol of the natives’ rising sign, they are adept at remaining above many of the petty things in life and coming through crises unharmed. Also, they take their intimate relationships very seriously and seek pleasures and hobbies which conform to the traditional mores of society, rather than go against the “mainstream”.



A balanced number of planets in Fire Signs in the native’s chart indicates a blending of realism and compromise, making for a diplomatic yet assertive individual.

A balancing of the Earth elements in the natal chart gives practicality and common sense to all endeavors undertaken.

With a lack of planets in Air signs, the native is inclined to let emotions rule actions, and have difficulty in expressing true feelings.

Furthermore, an average number of planets in Water elements indicates a person with considerable ability to express sympathy and emotion to others.

Lack of planets in Cardinal modalities indicates a native who may be timid in acting and carrying out plans. One tends not to be a ‘take charge’ person.

Continuing, a preponderance of Fixed modalities makes the native persistent in carrying out plans and projects, though stubborness may surface if not suppressed.

Lastly, with a concentration of Mutable signs, the native may be disposed to going out of the way to accomodate others. Without a doubt, compromise is paramount to this person.


Basic analysis

Reserved personality. Reacts slowly to external stimuli, for he/she thinks through everything. Thoroughly analytical, over-scrupulous, and highly critical, for which she is deemed a hair-splitter, stickler. However, she is a strict critic of herself as well. Only accepts what she thoroughly understands. “Just because” does not constitute an acceptable answer. Pedant. “The ashtray doesn’t belong there, but it’s best not to be used for ashes, anyway.” Health conscious, tends to be a hypochondriac. Hesitant in many cases, but can be very decisive at times. Argumentative, cannot enjoy life… He looks at everything through a mental filter, cannot ease up.

Due to the position of the Sun, (however) rather intuitive, increasingly sensitive, more impressionable.

a) Play an important role in her life:

  • accident/damage, surgery, death/divorce

b) Connections:

  • Parent negatively related to abroad or legal matter.
  • Child, love negatively related to real-estate.
  • Child, love negatively related to work or illness.
  • Child, love negatively related to abroad or legal matter.
  • Spouse or business partner positively related to education.
  • Spouse or business partner positively related to accidents, surgery, death, or separation/divorce.
  • Brother-in-law or sister-in-law negatively related to real-estate.

c) Gambling not advised.
d) No possibility of sexual perversion
e) No possibility of correction facility or mental institute

Propensity to illness or accidents

a) Nerve problems or spasms in the feet.
b) Valvular dysfunctions. Heart attack. Cardiac arrest.
c) Mental problems, nerve-related inhibition. Cold-related illnesses. Cerebral arteriosclerosis.

Data pertaining to spouse/partner

a) Possibility of one marriage (cohabitation) only (67%).

b) The partner(s) probable Sun or Asc. sign(s):

  • primary: Virgo, or Pisces
  • secondary: Aries, or Scorpio

c) Quality of relationship(s):

  • Partner’s age or life style is significantly different.
  • Solid finances and social advances achieved through not too happy relationship.
  • Partner is kind, but unfortunate, naive.
  • Romantic or tragic elements in the relationship. One of the partners is ill-suited for marriage. Partner overly impulsive, cannot handle conventions. Partners grow cold, or divorce suddenly, early in the relationship. Eccentric relationship, which may be started over multiple times. Possibility of partner’s early death.
  • Partner physically or morally stressed, neurotic, or substance dependent (i.e, alcohol).
  • Unexpected, mysterious experiences in relationship. Infidelity possible.
  • Partners grow cold or divorce/separation early in the marriage/relationship. Long period of single hood. Possibility of platonic or homosexual love affair, or relationship with an incompatible person, which gains disapproval in society.
  • Relationships begin and end suddenly. Severe insults occur easily with partner.
  • Extreme, fire-ice relationship. Possibility of breakup due to unforgotten past insult(s). Fatal attraction or repulsion. Partner forceful, aggressive, though, intuitive.

d) The following event(s) will cause friction in relationship(s):

  • immediate family, education, work, illness, vocation/success,
  • isolation, secret

Financial situation

a) By age groups:

  • up to age 5: good.
  • ages 6-14: good.
  • ages 12-30: good.
  • ages 16-40: good.
  • ages 30-50: good.
  • ages 40-70: good.
  • 60 and over: extremely bad.

b) Pertaining to life as a whole: good.


Sharon Stone – Natal Horoscope

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